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"'Lincolniana' a must-hear any year"Photo Chicago Tribune 9/9/08: Scott Strazzante...

 ... says Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune in his September 9, 2008 review of Barilari's latest piece. The highly respected Reich also considers the piece "...a major new work evoking the struggles of the 16th president..."

In 1848 Lincoln gave a valiant speech on the House floor condemning President Polk's invasion of Mexico. Benito Juarez, a Mexican  Congressman, thanked Lincoln with an effusive letter. Years later both men were President. Juarez was fighting the French invasion and Lincoln was confronting the Secession. Thus, they once again became natural allies; not just out of necessity but also from a shared trust in democracy and humanity. Following Lincoln's  assasination, Juarez wrote a sorrowful, elegant message to the people of the United States.

Lincolniana premiered at the Ravinia Festival on September 7, 2008 featuring jazz trumpeter Orbert Davis, narrator Henry Godinez of the Goodman Theatre, vocalist Juan Rivera of Sones de Mexico and the Ondas Ensemble.  Photo shows Elbio Barilari (conducting) and Juan Rivera (sombrero).

Listen to Lincolniana                                                      Read the Chicago Tribune review 
            Listen to Public Radio's special program on Lincolniana    

             "Sounds of Hope" 
    A Historical Evening at The Morse Theatre

Photo Morse Theatre 1/20/09: Airan Wright

The premiere of "Sounds of Hope", an extended jazz composition written by Kahil El Zabar and Elbio Barilari took place at the Morse Theatre (Chicago) on the historical day of President Obama's inauguration. Twenty of Chicago's most prominent jazz musicians performed the new work that was hailed by the Chicago Tribune's Howard Reich as a major composition and "an epic suite that lived up to its name."
Band members:
Guillermo Gregorio, Edwin Daughety (alto saxes), Jeff Marx, Jim Gailloreto, Kevin Neighbors (tenors), Barry Winograd (baritone); Chris Preissing (flutes); Kerry Wilkes, Jaime Branch, Jack Cassidy (trumpets); Jeb Bishop, Norman Palm (trombones); Dan Cray (piano); Baabe Ervin (keyboard); Ernie Adams (drums); Ruben Alvarez, Enoch Williamson (percussion); Josh Abrams, Junius Paul (double bass). 
More performances to be announced
                                          Read the Chicago Tribune preview 
                                          Read the Chicago Tribune review 

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